So happy about the reviews for Nathan. Work has started on the next novel that I hope won’t take as long as the first two!

A number of print and radio reviews and starred reviews have appeared on our 2017 translations and co-translations Winter Child, Louis Undercover, And So It Goes, and Hunting Houses. So glad that reviewers love these books as much as we do!

Ophelia, a co-translation with Christelle Morelli of Charlotte Gingras’ novel Ophélie, is scheduled for publication in 2018 by Groundwood Books.

The Golden Glow, a co-translation with Christelle Morelli of Benjamin Flouw’s La Milléclat dorée, will be published by Penguin Books in 2018.

My translation “Lukin’s Bed” of Vivian Avenshushan’s short story in Spanish has just been published in Pen America - A Journal for Writers and Readers.

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