The Thirteenth Summer

The Thirteenth Summer, Olaizola, José Luis, tr. from Spanish by Susan Ouriou, Red Deer College Press, Red Deer, Alberta, 1993

Runner-up for the John Glassco Literary Translation Prize


Antigonish Review 96, winter 1994 pp.48-50 review by Antanas Sileika "[The] dash of bitterness cuts the sweet edge of this story without taking away any of its warmth, and the tight focus on the domestic affairs in what to Canadians is a remote part of the world, rings with a resonance far greater than its locale might suggest. Susan Ouriou's translation is seamless - nothing sounds unusual or odd in the English version. This is one of those rare novels that allows the reader to indulge his desire for goodness to be rewarded at least occasionally . . ."

Kliatt, January 1996 "This lesurely coming-of-age novel won Spain's Ateneo de Sevilla Award for Fiction in 1976. Set in the coastal city of San Sebastian during the summer of 1942, this evocative tale of a young boy trying to make sense of the adult world is beautifully written. Planicio's mother is dead and his father Pachi spends most of his time (and money) gambling. Father and son are often hungry. When Pachi is offered a job taking Don Ramon, a dying invalid, for walks in his wheelchair, Planicio grows to love this man, the first adult to really pay attention to him since his mother died. Their relationship is quite moving and a real highlight of the novel."

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